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Welcome to Riley Geoscience

Riley Geoscience Ltd was formed in October 1993 (as Riley Associates, in conjunction with our related company BVR International Ltd) and as a UK registered company in 1996, to bring together a small but highly experienced team of multi-disciplined geoscientists and biostratigraphers.

Fully computer literate with StrataBugs and Oil Field Data Manager licensed software.

We have working, technical relationships with the UK based consultants Network Stratigraphic Consulting, Bill Braham, Palytech Processing, Rae Jones Palynological Processing (The Paly Parlour), Geological Laboratory Services and Ocean Grove Geoscience.

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Latest News

Effective 20th January 2013: Circle Oil, Encore, E.on Ruhrgas, Faroe Petroleum, GDF Suez, Premier, Nexen, Statoil Canada, Suncor Energy, TransAtlantic Petroleum/Midia Resources and Midas Oil & Gas added to the client list.

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